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GraphicMail announces free mobile marketing campaign sponsorship for select Non-profit organizations

July 20, 2011


Author: Wikus Engelbrecht

GraphicMail has over 1,700 Non-Profit clients in the Unites States alone. They offer a free account to eligible Non-Profit organizations that are 501(c)(3) registered. The direct marketing SAAS veteran now also makes it easy for NPOs to get started with mobile-based fund-raising campaigns as part of a new mobile campaign competition.

This week GraphicMail announced the winners for a recent NPO mobile push-marketing campaign competition. Non-profit candidates were required to produce a blueprint of a mobile marketing concept that they envisioned would best benefit their organizations and also tell GraphicMail more about their mission and why they believe that reaching their contacts via mobile marketing would enhance their operations and help achieve their cause.

Winning Non-profit entrants “MedicAlert”, the “TB/HIV Care Association” and “The Foundation For A Better Community For All” were first to deliver their campaign ideas. GraphicMail will go on to create the mobile campaigns for these organizations and send it to up to 5000 of their subscribers free of charge.

Further training to the companies and their staff on the creation of mobile campaigns will also be provided, along with instructions and insights on how to interpret and utilize reports, statistics and direct user feedback to advance their ongoing mobile marketing promotions.

Says Zoe Fox, a member of the social good team in her just-published round-up of essential mobile marketing tips for non-profits hoping to start their own text-based initiatives; "Text message campaigns are fund-raising miracles. They allow almost any cellphone user to instantly turn his or her support into a donation. It can be challenging to navigate the mobile-giving world. These paper-free, link-free, check-free campaigns rid the donation process of several steps that may dissuade donors from giving."

GraphicMail is no newcomer to digital philanthropy or the Non-profit direct marketing industry. The company’s support for Non-profits has been recognized with a prestigious Marketing Sherpa 2011 Email Award for their 2010 Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure email campaign.

It’s not only large and corporate businesses that benefit from mobile marketing. Mobile is a top-performing, universal, affordable marketing and communications tool - ideal for organizations that need to spread the word about their non-profit causes, stay in touch with sponsors and donors, and communicate and promote fund-raising events. Growing a not-for-profit organization makes use of the same principles as any other industry, though the majority of non-profits don't have the resources or time to engage in significant marketing and contact building activities.

The overall growth of mobile marketing - which allows for succinct, compelling content on a timeous, intimate platform - is predicted to be the most pronounced the US, which will represent 28% of the global market, and Western Europe, which will account for 25%.

About GraphicMail Mobile Marketing:
GraphicMail’s comprehensive mobile tools allow end users and white label partners to create text / SMS messages with links to graphic-rich mobile pages and sites, while capturing campaign performance rates and user engagement via forms, polls and survey tools.

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